On 3th-4th November in Krushevo was held Kick-off Meeting of partner organization in Project “Visualize:An innovative training concept for strengthening the tolerance and soft skills of young people”  funded by The Erasmus+,  Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, Strategic partnerships for youth . Project will be lead by CHRISTLICHES JUGENDDORFWERK DEUTSCHLANDS GEMEINNUTZIGER EV, together with Institut fur Visuelle Bildung – Austria, FUNDACION INTRAS – Spain, BEST CYBERNETICS – Greece and Center for Development and Education-Macedonia.  Project does address  key questions linked to more tolerant society and  improving social skills of young people, by bringing organisations experts in providing chances for disadvantaged young people and fighting intolerance, experts in IT and experts in visual thinking strategies from regions in countries spread all over Europe (Greece, Macedonia, Spain, Austria, Germany) together at one table. The aim is to reduce intolerance, to equip young people with the relevant skills to be less vulnerable for right-wing and populist movements, to strengthen communication skills, self-reliance, social competencies and self-esteem among young people, to equip the teachers, social pedagogics and trainers and organisations involved with new innovative methods and skills and to make art, exhibitions and museums more popular among young people and using the surroundings for the specific aims by developing and implementing a transferable, cross-sectoral, cross-cultural, crossorganisational innovative and effective methodology.