Our history

Center for Development and Education is a non-governmental organisation founded on 01.09.2009 with aim to improve quality of life of young people in rural areas of Municipalities of Krivogastani and surrounding municipalities Demir Hisar, Dolneni, Krusevo, Kicevo and Prilep. It is based on a foundation of positive relationships, voluntary participation, equality, opportunity and empowerment.

Our approach – we use non-formal learning activities and social inclusion that young people can help to manage personal circumstances and develop personal and professional skills for life. With social inclusion and using life skills  young people  will finding an active role in the community and becoming an empowered, positive and contributing member of society.

Our mission is active involvement of young people, social inclusion and creating a strong link between youth work and the benefits for whole community.

Youth is a key to creating a better future – if youth is active and work together it can inspire real change.